What our Customers say...


I wanted to pass along that one of your employees, Stewart, was probably the most courteous outside contractor that has ever worked in this building. He had a resident come talk to him about his apartment repairs and he took the time to answer all of his questions about what was going on and was so respectful and helpful to all of us while he was here. He went out of his way to fill me in whenever they were headed out for the day and checked with me to make sure I was happy with his work once he completed the projects. As I am sure you are aware, it is rare to see such great customer service nowadays so I wanted to share our experience.

I was very happy with SERVPRO since the beginning. When I was watching the girls pack, I thought to myself 'this company is a well-oiled machine.' Also, the crew [Kathy, Nancy and Aura] that did the post clean was AWESOME!

Tucker Poole was so helpful! He answered all of our questions and kept us informed every step of the way. Very professional and informative.

Hands down, Taylor Burke has been the most professional person I have worked with in quite awhile. SERVPRO has been awesome!

Justine was an absolute delight to work with and she had a keen attention to detail. Justin Ballas was also a great project manager and a pleasure to deal with.

I can't thank you enough for the recent clean up performed at our plant. Matthew has done an excellent job communicating with me throughout the process. I am a huge fan and was in awe of how quickly the job was cleaned up and dried! Please let Matthew know how much we appreciated working with him.

Thank you for your quick response. Your people knew what needed to be done and treated us with respect and courtesy. It was a great relief to have your professional help and your personal direction through the whole process.

I have never dealt with a company such as yours. The staff is beyond exceptional. Everyone. To the ladies on the phone, to Brendan Sweeny & Chris Burch, Bob Morgan, and Tucker Poole put up with me on a few occasions. Finally, Danny who delivered my rugs. Each one of you have done more for me than you know. It was all handled immediately, professionally, but most importantly with genuine kindness. Thank you doesn’t seem quite enough. You’re all so appreciated. You each set the standard. It matters!

My only suggestion would be for SERVPRO to hire 100 more employees that mirror them in the image of George Wingo and Stuart Emmett. From day one they were a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism, dedication, customer services and hard work were exemplary. George and Stuart represent SERVPRO to the fullest.

Taylor Burke is a great asset – he would make a great trainer for future project managers. Taylor (PM) and his team did great work and really went above and beyond to help us, explain the process, and make us comfortable during the remediation.

We were absolutely satisfied, it was definitely full service!

Everyone has been exceptionally kind and helpful. I have been extremely impressed with EVERY worker's customer service! It has been a complete pleasure working with SERVPRO, and I look forward to highly recommending your company. This would include the gentlemen who dried out the flood (Chris Fleming, Dean Harcum) to Justine, Aura, Brandon, Adam, Kathy, and Maria.

I was not sure what SERVPRO did as a company but my insurance company recommended "remediation" due to the water damage. I was surprised at what other services they provided such as pulling up drywall/ baseboards and hauling old carpeting. I am very satisfied with the thoroughness.

I wanted to personally send a Thank You letter for the quality services I received during January 2017 for demolition and moisture checks in my home due to a burst pipe

On January 8, 2017, a pipe burst over our kitchen table area.  It affected the main level as well as the basement and below house garage. I immediately called Mutual Assurance and they had SERVPRO on the phone within an hour.

Early the next morning, January 9th, the demo crew came to my house.The ground was covered in ice and snow as it was the one big snowstorm of 2017.  Every crew member introduced himself and had a great work ethic and understanding of what I was going through. I want to make sure they get a shout-out by name: Evan, Aaron and Chase.

The demo went smoothly and they left the area clean. They hand-bagged so much drywall and laminate flooring.  The bags were heavy, but they kept working.  It was very cold and wet as they carried bag after bag to the truck.  All of the men were soaked all the way through.  Before leaving, they set up 14 pieces of drying equipment.

After the first demo, Joey Waters came and did the initial moisture readings.  He was very professional and explained the whole process.  Joey returned for a second visit after Capital Construction did the additional demo.  He was thorough in his readings as it is a priority of SERVPRO to make sure families are safe in their home and mold does not grow.

I wanted to thank SERVPRO for fast, quality service in my time of need.  The service provided and quality of the contractors was great.

I know it was Christmas Eve when the crew had to come out, but I just wanted to let you all know how polite, patient and professional they were with me and I thought that was really nice.

Fantastic Personnel – always prompt, courteous and efficient.

We were extremely impressed and happy with your services.  Matthew {Harding} and the girls (Laura Howell, Claudia Portillo, Sarah Caro & Maria Marroquin) did a great job! The bathroom was cleaner and better than it was when it was brand new!

The crew was very professional and that I was very grateful for your services.

I was extremely satisfied with everything and I didn’t expect everyone to go so above and beyond. I will definitely keep SERVPRO in mind for any future services that may be needed.

We were extremely impressed and happy with SERVPRO's services. Matthew {Harding} and the girls (Laura Howell, Claudia Portillo, Sarah Caro & Maria Marroquin) did a great job!The bathroom was cleaner and better than it was when it was brand new!

Everyone we worked with at SERVPRO has been very friendly, professional and a joy to work with!

I was more than pleased with your company throughout this process. I felt at ease with you, & you made the process a breeze for me. I  was impressed from Day 1 with your company. I never worked with a group of people who are so considerate & work well together.

Fantastic Personnel – always prompt, courteous and efficient.

Thank you for an amazing staff in all areas of your company. I came in contact with 10-12 of your staff and everyone was professional. They all introduced themselves, was polite, respectful & helpful. In this day & age, this was so refreshing. Especially since most of your staff that I came in contact with appeared to be under the age of 35. That speaks volumes for your employees. I pray I will not need your company again, but if I do, I will not hesitate to make that call. I really appreciate everyone & job well done. Thank you.

The Project Manager and crew were very professional and I was very grateful for your services.

There was mold throughout my cabinets between my dishwasher and sink. How or why it got there was beyond me. What did concern me though was that I couldn't seem to get it cleaned up. It kept coming back, until I called SERVPRO of Tri-Cities. Then it hasn't come back and it’s been over a year!

SERVPRO of Tri-Cities is a great company. They were always willing to take extra time to make sure I had all my questions answered and ensured the job was done right the first time. Hopefully this disaster will never happen again. But if it does they will be the first one I call to get it cleaned up.

It was so nice to find a company that will keep its promises and get the work done right the first time without hidden costs or mistakes that cost the customer. Thanks for doing such great job on cleaning up my mold damage.

SERVPRO of Tri-Cities was able to make the repairs to some very bad fire damage that I had in my house. They were there to answer my questions, whenever I had them and made sure each step of the repair met my expectations.

So apparently if your bathtub overflows and causes damage to the bathroom or any adjoining rooms it is considered flood damage and not just water damage according to some insurers. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Tri-Cities did not care how my insurance company wanted to classify it. They just wanted to fix it, which is exactly what I wanted. So thank you…again for getting my house repaired after the “bathroom flood” occurred.

Highly recommended company of professionals! Their technicians of SERVPRO of Tri-Cities are like fire investigators who knew where damage would be hiding and never seen. They made sure I was happy with all of their work and walked me through the entire process. I would never use any other company and you shouldn't either.

Between the smell of burnt smoke and the damage to by cabinets I was not sure my kitchen would ever be the same. Thanks for your help in making this repair and easy process.

We had no idea the extent of damage that had been caused from our busted dishwasher. But after we cleaned up the water, your team was there to get us the help we needed to set our kitchen back the way it was supposed to be. So thankful your team was there!

Keep doing the same outstanding job!

Superb job in every way. Love these guys!

Very professional and impressive.

They were very professional and attentive to their work.

We appreciate the professionalism of all the staff. Everyone has been accommodating and polite!

They came as they planned and did what was expected.

Professional, courteous, efficient and knowledgeable.

I was very, very pleased. Keep up the great work...The young men were very helpful and pleasant. I would definitely have them come again!

Great work! We were very pleased with the service!

Justin [Crenshaw] was phenomenal. Between Justin and the crew, it was an easy decision to choose SERVPRO to do the rebuild as well because of the high quality work and services.

Exceptionally courteous, accommodating and professional. I couldn’t be more pleased or appreciative.

I teach customer service training and you guys were excellent!

Everyone I dealt with was very professional and attentive to my needs and concerns. I was well informed during the repair process. Great job! A++

From day one, Ryan Bradshaw was exceptionally and exceedingly kind to me and sincerely empathetic about the circumstances with which I was forced to contend at a time when I am physically and emotionally challenged. Every day I knew what work would be done and by whom; and the schedule was, and remained, accurate from start to finish. Every subcontractor retained by Ryan was also kind, prompt, efficient, and performed stellar quality work.

Wonderful experience! SERVPRO’s staff could not have been more professional. They answered all of my questions. They were thoughtful and made me feel like a priority.

Taylor [Burke] and his crew were on the scene immediately to remediate the water damage, and Ryan [Bradshaw] and his crew were fantastic. Ryan was hands on and very responsive! Just want to again express my sincere thanks for all the help on restoring our home. Looks terrific!

We recently experienced a water damage situation in our kitchen on a Saturday. Your employees were here as an emergency and provided services to us during a dramatic time. The gentlemen were courteous, friendly, helpful, considerate, and any adjective that describes an excellent behavior. Their Supervisor was equally as considerate. Too often we are quick to complain but the excellent and efficient service deserves compliments. Thank you for providing us with such excellent services and most importantly employees!

I want to tell you what a wonderful job your employees did with my home. So very polite and helpful. I couldn’t have had better men and women doing the cleaning, etc. Thank you. I would recommend your company to anyone who has had problems with their house.

Nothing could be better than the service and professionalism that I received during this entire process. I would like to say that the personnel that came to me house to perform all these duties were magnificent including Justin Crenshaw, Ryan Bradshaw, etc. I had confidence in them and their work.

I am so thankful for the assistance of each and every team member who was involved with my residence throughout the process. You made a most unpleasant situation better. I would certainly recommend your services in a heartbeat!

Ladarrius [Barkley] was awesome to work with. He made this unfortunate experience bearable.

Fantastic job. Top notch employees. I have never worked with a better group of employees.

Everyone who has assisted with our flood damage has been great! Highly recommended.

Thank you again to crew who came to my home and completed the task of returning my basement in order again.  They were very professional, and respectful of my property and to me with my stress level.  They did an excellent job, your company is to be commended for hiring such wonderful and caring individuals.

Great job. Very prompt. Dependable. Efficient. Courteous and friendly. Thank you!

These ERP’s will be a great resource for my team. I am impressed by the time and effort that Lee [Cross] put into working with us - fantastic customer service!

The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce loves SERVPRO and the hot dogs they serve at golf tournaments!

It was really nice that SERVPRO was able to accommodate me and get out there so quickly!

Everything looked really good and the crew who performed the cleaning services did an excellent job, and they were very polite and professional.

Thank you for wonderful service. I would not hesitate to call on you again.